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ColdFusion ANT Deployment Scripts – Part One: Versioning

Written by mpacella on . Posted in App Dev

This is the first post of a series in which I will be discussing how I leverage ANT with my ColdFusion applications for various pieces of deployment.  Tentatively, this series will consist of:

  1. Versioning
  2. Generating ColdDoc (javadoc-like CFC documentation)
  3. Automating MXUnit Tests
  4. Deployment (via SSH, FTP, Windows Network)

Note: All files mentioned here should be placed directly in your root project directory.

Step 1 – Create our basic build.xml file

First, we will simply stub out our build file.  For now I simply stub one target, called version.  We will also reference a file to hold all variables that pertain to the build (we’ll build it later).

<project name="CFAntDemo" default="version" 
    <property file="" />
    <target name="version">