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Front-End Resource Roundup

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Note: this is a list of resources I’ve used for clients in the past to help other developers beginning to learn front-end tools get up to speed

Here is a list of resources for you to use to become more familiar with html, css & javascript. The resources are categorized  by the amount of time or difficulty required for adequate digestion of the information. The easiest/shortest is surfing, resources you can skim through in minutes as you need them. Next is snorkeling, resources better digested over a period of about an hour or more to really go through Lastly, deep diving, resources that cover topics in depth in several hours or more (this doesn’t mean you can’t pick and choose chapters or sections as you need them, though!). 

General Resources:

HTML (Structure):

CSS (Appearance):

JavaScript (Functionality): 

UX/Usability/Best Practices:

Some Tools:

Don’t be intimated by the vastness of the resources outlined here. We suggest for each topic you want to dive in to, take a look, see what appeals to you, and jump in. Then, over time, periodically refer to the deep diving sections to further your skills. I hope this is helpful! Enjoy!

LESS: Resource Roundup

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The resources in this post accompany a brief presentation, slides here:

This will be growing over time as I add to it.

How to Compile LESS

In addition to using, there are various client side tools to compile your LESS for use in projects.


  • CodeKit ($25) – Please, just do it. If you’re on the Mac, this app is for so much more than LESS.
  • Live Reload ($10) My understanding it is quite similar to Codekit but not as full featured
  • (FREE!) By the same guy who does Codekit. evolved into Codekit.
  • Simpless (FREE!) Simple tool for compiling, also allows minification.


  • Simpless (FREE!) Simple tool for compiling, also allows minification. I used this when I was a Windows user.
  • WinLESS (FREE!) I’ve also used this. Doesn’t offer simplicity of other tools, but has more robust error reporting.

Where to Learn More